Can You Be Friends With Someone Who Believes Differently Than You Do?

Is it possible to be friends with someone who believes differently than you do?

Short answer? Yes.

I think a lot of people from my old church could use this reminder. Lisa and I lost everything when we left the church. We lost our friends. They couldn't see that, even though our beliefs were different from theirs, we could still be friends.

I have loved and been loved by people who believe very differently than I do. 

It's because we put our humanity before our beliefs. We prioritize love over ideas.

In fact, if we were identical, where's the fun in that? Difference creates diversity, and this creates polarity, which in turn creates energy, which can create a dynamic relationship.

Lisa and I don't even believe the same things in the same way. Yet our relationship has lasted years and continues to deepen. That's because we respect one another, trust one another with our own spiritual journeys, give space for each other to be our most authentic selves, and honor one another's paths.

(This is my charcoal drawing titled We Can Still Be Friends. It's available as a print on my website HERE.)

There's this idea that is growing out there that unless we are all identical in every way, we cannot get along and cannot live together. It's turning the world into a divisive and unhappy place. 

Homogeneity is boring. But diversity is a more accurate expression of the complexity and mystery of life. 

Rather than trying to force everything into one tiny little idealogical box, we want to celebrate life in all its wondrous diversity.

It's not only possible to love someone different than you.

It's also necessary. 

And also more joyful! 


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