Celebrating Living Authentically This Pride Month

People talk a lot about living authentically (including myself). But living authentically is a lot easier for some than it is for others, especially for LGBTQ+ people living in less accepting spaces and places.

For some, when they hear the words “live authentically,” all they’re hearing is “prepare to be ridiculed and even rejected - just for being you.” And no matter how great the rewards may seem, they often don’t outweigh the impending rejection. Because it's easier to protect ourselves from rejection than it is to embrace uncertainty.

Living on your own terms is a difficult balancing act. Balancing the desire to live your most authentic life while you walk the tightrope of external pressures.

But there’s so much beauty in being unashamedly yourself. It’s hard at first but the lessons you learn and the joy you find is priceless. I’m not saying you need to come out and embrace your authentic self today. I know that it’s challenging to be real in a world that wants us to fit in and please everybody. But I want you to give yourself permission to start.

I’m proud of you every day and you should be too.

This is my drawing Sophia Cave and it is a reminder for you and me to be brave, even when it feels so hard.

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