Criticisms You May Face When Going Through A Change In Your Beliefs

When you are questioning and changing your beliefs and people find out... and they eventually will... you will hear all kinds of things.

words cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A woman with her head on the table obviously distressed. Around her are a bunch of words, like, "When did you decide to change?" "I can't believe you think that!" "Sin!" "It's because of who you hang out with!" "What do your parents think?" and so on.

I think they can all be summed up in one opinion:
"This shouldn't be happening to you, and you are weak for letting it!"

You will be accused of anything from heresy, backsliding, doubt, weakness, conforming to the world, having the wrong friends, disrespecting your parents, rejecting Jesus, dishonoring God, deception, and more.

It will all be motivated by alarm, fear, anger, pity, and frustration with the inability to control you. But remember: you are growing, and that's challenging to do in a herd.

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