Deconstruction and Believing in God

"Believe in God" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: A woman is sitting at a table with God. She says in 3 frames, "Even though I'm question my beliefs... I will never question you! I will never stop believing in you!" In each frame God is fading away. Last frame God is gone. She looks sad.

I help people go through deconstruction… the changing of beliefs, or leaving the church, or even losing faith as they know it.

Consistently, all are frightened by what lies ahead.

It’s scary when beliefs that have comforted us for years start to crumble.

Also, everyone wants to predict what will happen.

We say things like, “Whatever beliefs go, I will never give up on Jesus!” Or, “I could never become an atheist because my belief in God is unshakable!” Or, “I can never not be a believer. This is who I am!”

I silently listen but never affirm that this is where they’ll end up. Because these are fearful attempts to preserve comforting thoughts.

When you set out on deconstruction, it’s like embarking on the journey of a pioneer. You will go where you’ve never gone before.

Because you want to discover what is true, your mind can’t conceive what it has never before conceived. You don’t know what you do not know.

The border of your world is as far as you can describe. And you can only describe what you know.

Beyond that? Who knows?

So I encourage you to not be afraid. You chose this. Which means you are ready for it. You can do it. This is not a race. This is not a contest. There is no condemnation.

Your mind is still stuck in the dualistic thinking of “there is a God / there is no God”. Prevail on your journey of deconstruction and you will come to a place where this duality that has caused you so much anxiety will finally disappear.

You will transcend this conflict.

And the peace of mind you were promised and longed for will finally be yours.

Keep going.

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