Deconstruction: Then and Now

deconstruction then and now cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

My Journey of Deconstruction. How it started: A snake-like question mark sits on a bed scaring a man under the covers. Next frame, the man and question mark are arm in arm, in love.

There are questions that are permissible.
These questions confirm and sustain the system.

Q: "How did God create the world in six days?"
A: "Because God is omnipotent!"

Q: "Can you explain the Trinity to me?" 
A: "Like an egg... white, yoke, and shell!"

Q: "How can I get to Heaven?"
A: "Repent of your sins and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord!"

Then there are questions that are forbidden.
These questions may challenge and undermine the system.

Questions like:

"What if we've got it all wrong and we're cooperating in a grand delusion?"
"If there's no proof of God, why do we act as if there is?"
"Could Christianity be like other religions... an attempt to apprehend and articulate reality codified in scripture and organized as an institution?"

Existential questions are scary. 

But when you finally see that we all live within one reality and that our various and diverse ideas and explanations about this reality are just thoughts and words spinning around this one reality, then you may feel less threatened by these questions.

In fact, they may become intriguing to you.

You may even fall in love with them.

You might even move in together and live happily ever after!

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