Did the Church Bait and Switch You with Unconditional Love?

One of the things that disturb me is when someone accuses people of wanting to go to church when the church is notorious for abusing them.

unconditional love cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Women. LGBTQ+. BIPOC. Etcetera. I always respond that people have the right to want to be a part of a church congregation and community. If a kid was having a rough time at home, would we say, “Why do you want to stay there? Just leave!” Of course not. Because we understand the kid wants family.

The church rightly claims that it offers unconditional love. Like it’s Lord. Unfortunately, “unconditional” has been changed in meaning.

What it usually means now is this:

“Of course we welcome you unconditionally. Depending on the severity of your sin, though, you have one month to a year to reform or you’re out on your ass.”

People are "love-bombed" on the way in and for the first while. Then the unconditional love expires.

Unconditional love now has a shelf-life. Unconditional love isn’t the main course but the bait. The chum. The lure. The decoy. The teaser. It’s the cologne, not the body. It’s not the face, but the mask. It’s meant to get you in so they can change you.

The old bait and switch.

How many here know what I’m talking about?

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