Did You Know You Are Already Free?

preach peace cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


One of the biggest lessons I learned years ago is that I am free. Always. It’s only my fear that holds me back from living so.

Therefore, my primary concern as a pastor, and still is as I do my work here now, was to help people who feel spiritually inferior, wrong, disqualified, and dismissed to get in touch with their independence and freedom.

Maybe you’re one.

Churches are often very specific about what their members should believe and how they should behave. Conformity is a very powerful tool.

So when a person finally realizes that her beliefs have been adopted and her behavior constantly monitored, she has a choice: 

She can continue conforming;

Or, usually at great cost, she can… 

explore, and 
express her own beliefs. 

Then she must...

embrace, and 
exercise her own way of life. 

What I see happen most is this person is made to feel uncomfortable and eventually unwelcome in the community. 

But again, she has a choice: 

She may continue to allow the condemnation of the community to control her and make her feel spiritually disqualified. 


She can choose to boldly continue in her independence and with courage and joy nurture her own spiritual life.

In a nutshell, this is what I'm about: liberating people… whether they are in a church or not. 

If they are in a church, it means they may stay or may have to leave. 

But once they are personally aware of their freedom, I encourage them in their new-found spiritual liberty to make their own choices.

Are you free? 
I can answer that. Yes you are!

Are you living free?
Only you can answer that.

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