Have you left the church but it hasn’t let you go?

Have you left the church but it hasn’t let you go?

I left the ministry in 2010 and switched my membership to occasional visitor. Weddings. Funerals. Feel like it.

However, I talk about the church every.single.day. This bothers some people.

They say, “You can’t criticize the church if you’re not a part of it!” Funny, because they used to say, “You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

I also have people say to me, “You can take the boy out of the church but you can’t take the church out of the boy!” as if I have a problem.


I love the church and would love to see it function in a healthy manner.

I believe the church has dropped the ball on people who want to grow beyond the confines that the church allows.

I want to help both the churches who want to be healthy and those who want to grow beyond it.

In fact, this is what I do.

So, yes, I keep talking about the church for these reasons.

And I love it.

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I’m glad to stumble into your IG, I thought I’m the only one feeling this way, I left church for over 4 years now, it wasn’t easy, my pastor won’t let me go, almost a daily text and email, expressing how he wanted to be where I’m b struggling at, to offer help and guidance, bec of my Sunday absence from the service .i wasn’t brave enough to tell him that he’s one of the reason why I left church,the harassment didn’t stop until this year, but I have more peace in me,and I have never disconnected from the Lord at all despite,I feel more closer and calmer and full of peace,I’m more at rest in him knowing that I dont have to please anyone at church or please him at all! By his grace I’m his! It wasn’t an easy journey tough. I’m glad I’m not alone!

chariz finch

I have always felt like an inhabitant on the Island of Misfit Toys within the church. I’ve never been “church-y” enough. There was no way that I can like Disney movies, an occasional beer, or be friends gay people and still call myself a Christian, let alone a youth pastor. I was in the church for 20 years and have been out of it about 4. I do miss certain aspects but I definitely don’t miss the judgement, the politics, & the expectations put upon me without my cooperation. I have more of a sense of Who Jesus is for me now that I’m accountable to only Him instead of the church.

Lori Lyn

Thank you for your insight and bravery ‼️‼️


I’ve been “out of fellowship” for over 3 years. My former church mates had been very concerned for me, as are many of my more religious friends. I left fellowship with a group I did no longer aligned with. Also, didn’t have much of anything in common with them on a personal or social level. I didn’t break fellowship with God, Jesus, or my senses. I still have my beliefs and I mourn for the Church as I observe how lost it is within American culture.

Carron Rodriguez

I can relate. The other day someone was talking to me about the dangers of not being a part of “Christian fellowship” (aka going to church) in terms of my spiritual walk. I replied that I didn’t personally know of anyone in my near circle that talked about spiritual things, asked as many questions about faith and how it impacts daily life and really took this stuff seriously. It was not at all a statement of personal pride, just an honest observation. After a moment, he said..“ya you’re right, I can’t disagree with you on that” It ended that part of the conversation, we moved on to other things, but I could still tell that there was still concern for my soul. People have expressed concern, have said frightful things like “your children will leave God” and other crazy half-baked things…then many just left us alone. It’s been 12 years broken free and we can’t imagine ever investing back into that system of religious hierarchy, obligations and expectations. How are we with God? Great! How are we with those outside the box, outside Christianity? Never better!!!

Allan Brown

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