Do You Experience Terror?

terror cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: Two overlapping circles. On the left, “When you’re taught that God makes you suffer when you’re bad.” On the right, “When your life is hard.” Where they overlap, “TERROR”.


I know. I went to Bible College and seminary twice!

I studied theology.

I won the prize for Reformed Theology.

Ya. I did that!

And do you want to know what I learned?

That a lot of theology is the attempt to explain suffering.

Of course, for me, being such a good Christian... 

Suffering was an indication that something was wrong.

And also because of my theology…

Something was wrong with me!

I still remember the terror of those thoughts.

Funny… last week I was banned on Instagram for 24 hours. All I knew was that I committed some community violation. I have no idea what it was. I asked. Still no answer. I have no idea.

God was like that.

I knew I must have done something wrong, but I had no idea what it was. Still don’t.

Well… now I know that none of this is true.

What a relief!

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I remember being taught that crap when I was young.
It is pure torture.
I have no idea which teaching of the many twisted teachings of religion is the worst because there are so many of them contending for that title, but this one is up there.


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