Does Fear Stop You From Living Your Life?

life and fear cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

"Life" is locked inside a cage. The lock says "Fear".

One of the biggest lessons I learned years ago was that I’m not trapped. 

I was a pastor of a church and I hated my job. I felt hopeless. I was a young pastor with my wife Lisa and our three young kids and I felt trapped in a situation I could see no escape from.

One night I went to bed depressed.

But I had a dream. I heard a voice say, "It's time!" I woke up laughing hysterically. I was the happiest man on earth!

Why? Because the dream made me realize I wasn't trapped at all. I was only afraid.

It was fear that was making me feel trapped. Legitimate fear. But just fear.

Fear of being unemployed. Fear of being homeless. Fear of no money. Fear of not being able to take care of my family. Fear of losing my sense of purpose and my vocation as a pastor.

These were all legitimate fears. But they were just that: fears. Not bars that kept me trapped. Just phantoms of what might be. Consequences. Ramifications. 

Lisa and the kids were laughing with me. When I explained that we were free. We could just walk away. We weren't trapped! Lisa agreed. 

So I quit. We sold almost everything we had, packed the rest in our van, and drove into our freedom.

The next year was the most thrilling, exciting, and happiest adventure of our life together. 

But we were free! No longer did we allow our fears contain or detain or restrain us. 

With courage we stepped into our freedom that was waiting there for us the whole time.

What are you afraid of that’s holding you back?

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