Don't Be Tricked into Being Controlled!

"Being Controlled" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward One of the strongest driving forces of my life is the desire to be free. Completely and totally free! Yes, I've often found myself in situations where, when my discernment finally kicked in, I realized I was allowing myself to be controlled. There are severely and overtly controlling people who prey on the weakness of entrapped people. I always found ways to avoid those. But there are those who have figured out a more subversive and subtle way to control us, and that is by appealing to our more noble emotions like loyalty, faithfulness, and perseverance. Unfortunately, I found myself being controlled by such leaders... with my collaboration. When I finally saw the relationship for what it was... a toxic codependency... I made the break. Our efforts to release ourselves from these leaders' crippling grasps are still painful, traumatic, and almost always publicly ridiculed because the leader comes across to outside observers as good. We find ourselves free from their control but now open to the criticism and even scorn of their admirers. Take a deep breath, and look closely at your relationships. Are you being controlled? Then it's time to find a way out. Now! (Need help? I make myself available to people in this situation. CLICK HERE to find out more.)
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