Don't Negotiate with Spiritual Terrorists!

Don't negotiate with spiritual terrorists!

Oh, the liberation I felt when I finally realized I didn't have to believe what I was told.

To know that I could be spiritually independent, self-determining, autonomous, able to choose what I did and did not believe... that was an amazing moment.

Yes, it was terrifying. Because freedom always feels terrifying at first. It takes getting used to.

But, also, it's hard not to be intimidated by the threats of those who hold you hostage.

Once you stop meeting their demands, it will dawn on you that their threats are largely empty. Sure, they can hurt you in small ways, but not in the larger ways that truly matter.

There are always spiritual terrorists trying to make you believe and do what they want. Just say no!

They don't really have your Jesus. They have their Jesus!

You are free! Free to believe as you see fit. Stay that way.

Don't negotiate with spiritual terrorists.

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