Embracing Your Believing Past

One of the messages I gave them was about accepting, embracing, and integrating our former selves. I'm going to share it with you here: I do not like it when people mock other religions. I also do not like it when people mock the stages of faith that I have journeyed through. I'm not sure how this happened, but somewhere along the way I learned that it was not only negligent and shortsighted to disdain and reject my earlier passages, but harmful to my spiritual health. Whether or not this is objectively true I cannot tell, but it feels right. In other words, I would not be who I am today if I wasn't who I was yesterday. I believe in growth. Incremental growth. Process. Progress. It's wise, I think, to respect and nourish our roots. We never expected our children to be at Stage 6 in their stages of faith when they popped out of the womb. We acknowledge and honored their growth and development, and even delight in their topsy-turvy, winding, pot-holed path to their own version of spiritual maturity. We wouldn't dare mock or reject them along the way. So we don't do it to ourselves. Sure, there are points in my life I'm embarrassed about now, but not ashamed. There are points in my life I'm sorry for, but I won't drown in remorse. I laugh, pay my dues, ask for forgiveness, and move on. When you guys share your journeys, to me they are lovely. So diverse, complex, multifaceted, and glorious. Brilliant! I think this is how our inner child grows into an adult‚ when he or she is affirmed, loved, embraced, accepted, and given space to mature. So just love yourself from beginning to end. This is how integration and individuation happens!
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