Embracing the Unknown: Swimming Against Certainty

In my cartoons my question marks represent mystical mystery and unknowing, whereas my exclamation marks represent the zeal of certainty.

I remember growing up in church and in youth group always being pressured to go against the flow of the world. We were taught that the whole world hated us and persecutes us for our faith and that we needed courage to believe even in the face of martyrdom.

go against the flow cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward
This is cartoon is titled "Go Against The Flow" and is available as an art print and a digital download.


Now I know that where true courage is needed is in distrusting the comfort and security of propositional truth and embracing mystery. Mystery and unknowing and uncertainty aren't steps to facts and knowing and certainty.

No! Rather, they are a way of life. 

If this resonates with you then I think you'll love my Sophia Flow Art Print.

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