God at the Gay Pride Parade

I attended a gay pride parade some years ago in Dallas, Texas, and I must say it was one of the happiest and most remarkable events I’ve ever attended.

It inspired this cartoon, God and Gay Pride.


Do you know what first started challenging my theology about gays? I was in a hot tub with friends and a couple of gay men joined us. After they found out I was a pastor, they were not shy at all about sharing their experiences of being kicked out of their church, being ostracized by their community, employers, and local businesses… all for being gay. I was horrified!

It was actually communing with them, hearing their stories, and having an ounce of empathy that changed everything for me.

Try it.

Here’s to all my LGBTQ friends!

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Thank-you for this website! I am currently a student at James Madison University in VA studying Religion and Society. I am not sure how I will use my degree after I graduate but I know that I want to use it, in some way; to help promote true Christian ideals. For way too long we have concentrated on what we saw as “sin” in a person’s life instead of simply loving them as Jesus commanded us to do!


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