God at the Gay Pride Parade

God at the Gay Pride Parade

God at the Gay Pride Parade

I attended a gay pride parade some years ago in Dallas, Texas, and I must say it was one of the happiest and most remarkable events I’ve ever attended.

Almost all of the people I know who are so vehemently opposed to LGBTQ have no LGBTQ friends or acquaintances.

Do you know what first started challenging my theology about gays? I was in a hot tub with friends and a couple of gay men joined us. After they found out I was a pastor, they were not shy at all about sharing their experiences of being kicked out of their church, being ostracized by their community, employers, and local businesses… all for being gay. I was horrified!

It was actually communing with them, hearing their stories, and having an ounce of empathy that changed everything for me.

Try it.

Here’s to all my LGBTQ friends!




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Thank-you for this website! I am currently a student at James Madison University in VA studying Religion and Society. I am not sure how I will use my degree after I graduate but I know that I want to use it, in some way; to help promote true Christian ideals. For way too long we have concentrated on what we saw as “sin” in a person’s life instead of simply loving them as Jesus commanded us to do!


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