"The Beauty of Change" by nakedpastor David Hayward

GOOD NEWS: change doesn't always have to be difficult and ugly

"The Beauty of Change" by nakedpastor David Hayward I was in a butterfly house yesterday, and of course my mind was turned to Sophia, especially my drawing of her, "Metamorphosis". Get the book! There are 59 images and meditations. People are loving it! CLICK HERE. A friend of mine takes care of the chrysalises and butterflies. I was surprised to see these two different ones. One is a very shiny silver and the other is a very shiny gold color. Amazing and breathtaking beauty! It made me acknowledge that change, transformation, doesn't always have to be difficult and ugly. Of course, often it is. In fact, sometimes it feels impossible. Which is why so many people resist it. Change can be adventurous, exciting, and full of happiness as we change from one thing into something else. The people I see changing might be experiencing some difficulty and feel ugly at the time, but frequently from my perspective they are becoming even more beautiful, amazing and marvelous. During change, we not only lose things. This can be difficult and ugly. But we also gain things. This can be pleasurable and beautiful. I'm watching this happen all the time in my online community, THE LASTING SUPPER! Join us there. You will feel very welcomed into a kind of human butterfly house where people are learning how to change in healthy and happy ways. CLICK HERE. Again, I invite you to buy THE LIBERATION OF SOPHIA... a book about my change told through the story of a woman who changes.
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