Should Religion Be Involved in Politics

Why Good Religion Is Politics

The gospels portray the crucifixion of Jesus as a mainly political event. In other words, the gospels portray Jesus as the victim of power.

I hear it all the time that religion should stick to spiritual matters... simply our inner lives. But we can't help but live out our inner lives. We're known by our fruit. Period!

It is said, "Pure religion is this: taking care of widows and orphans." They were the socially and therefore politically marginalized of their day.

Caring for the poor and marginalized and victims becomes political when we demand living wages, health care, peace on earth, total inclusion and equal opportunity, equality, reparations, affordable housing, sustainable living, care of the planet, and so on.

shouldn't have gotten political


I'm sure many of you have tried it and experienced the wrath of politics (read "power") when you found your spirituality turning into compassion turning into action.

I have claimed that everything is spiritual. And that means everything is political.

Am I right?

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