hate can sound eloquent

"Hate Can Sound Eloquent" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward No matter how eloquent the words are, no matter how much emotion or passion are behind them, no matter how good it sounds or feels upon hearing them, if it is hate, it is hate. Period! Millions have been fooled by eloquent hate speech before. Millions are being fooled by eloquent hate speech now. When you read or listen to something that sounds really smooth, slick, and syrupy, analyze what's being said. What is the message? What's really being communicated? Disregard the package, the wrap, the agent of delivery, the messenger, and figure out what the person is actually saying. What I'm hearing is the same old discriminatory, hate-filled line" told in new ways. That's all it is. Do you know what I'm talking about? Join others who concur! Pull up a chair to the table of The Lasting Supper! (PS: ALL MY ART IS 50% OFF this weekend! I'm going to see my family on Monday and will need to close my shop during that time because I won't be able to ship my art out to my customers. So I'm giving you this deal until I leave. Just use the coupon code "sweet" at checkout! Check out my shop HERE.)
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