How to Be Like Jesus

At the root of a lot of religion and spiritual endeavor is self-doubt and even self-hatred, as well as shame about what we perceive as our weaknesses, and fear about life and how to live it.

Then a great teacher comes along.
Then their disciples.
Then their texts.
Then their rules.
Then their abolition of all aberrations and rebels.

But what is most impressive of all great teachers is not their adherence to a preexisting system, but their radical personal freedom, their challenge of the status quo, their departure from the norm, and their vision of a new way to be human.

What should be emulated about them is this spirit.

"How to Be Like Jesus" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: A man says to Jesus, "I want to be like you." Jesus responds, "You be like you. That's how you be like me."

It’s this radical personal freedom that should move us. Not the spirit of their devotees who demand blueprint devotion to the way their masters lived.

So, tap into your personal freedom and live it.

This is how you change your world!

This cartoon is titled How To Be Like Jesus and it's available as a digital download or it can be licensed.

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