deconstruction service center cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


You’re deconstructing your beliefs. Let’s have a coffee.

You talk. You share your story. You’re deconstructing and confused. You don’t know what you believe anymore. You even fear becoming an atheist. You wonder if you’ll ever feel normal. No one understands. Even loved ones express concern and make you more doubtful. You seldom take a sip because you’re so absorbed in your predicament. You say this is what life is like: you can’t just live because you’re stuck inside your struggle, tangled by your thoughts, trapped in your confusion. You want this to end and be yourself again. 

I listen. I don’t try to change you. I’m not afraid or surprised. You’re growing. It hurts. Your judgmental opinions about yourself are echoed by some family and friends. But you’re doing an amazing job. You’ll find confidence, peace, and happiness. You’ll figure this out. I help you feel normal, healthy, mature, and courageous. You want to become a wiser, happier person. I encourage it. I fan that spark into flame and you regain your fearlessness and embrace your transformation. You’re brave and growing.

Apply this to yourself! I’d do this for you. I know you’d do this for me. We’re gentler with others than we are with ourselves. The same care I show you I show myself. As soon as I’m feeling ashamed or guilty for where I am in my journey, I apply this technique. I treat myself like I would treat a friend. This simple trick arouses self-love, self-confidence, and self-care. I’m okay with where I am and persevere. It’s a quick way to feel okay with yourself. It’s a fast way of getting your confidence back and forging ahead with courage. 

Now go grow!

Nice having coffee with you.

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