Is Fear Holding You Back From Living?

"Life and Fear" cartoon by David Hayward OWN THIS PRINT What's the first thing I say when someone describes to me the changes in their beliefs and the fear they are feeling? “Relax. Don't be afraid.” The fear and the beliefs are connected. They have a symbiotic relationship. In fact, they are one! I compare it to a terrified child with a monster under his bed. Once the child realizes the monster is not there, the fear is no longer there. The fear feeds the belief and the belief feeds the fear. Many of you know what I'm talking about. But, like the child, when we imagine that monster again, we can taste the fear as well. Same with those beliefs: they can conjure up the accompanying fears. I call this residue and a trigger. So this is our task: It's not to remove the fear, but to examine our beliefs and change our minds. Then the fear goes as well. Simple as that! Well, maybe not simple, but it's not complicated. We know it takes courage to examine our beliefs and change our minds. But the reward is worth it: peace of mind. Just remember: the fear and the belief are one. Stop believing the scary thing and the scary thing goes. I successfully coach people through difficult spiritual transitions. Let's set up a free phone or Skype call. EMAIL ME! OR, if you don't want to talk with me but would love to be in a community of like-minded people on a similar journey, join The Lasting Supper.
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