Is God Closer Than We Think?

Even if you aren't sure about the existence of God or you don't believe in God at all, we all know a bigger perspective helps.

When I was a pastor of a church, I made it my constant endeavor to validate people's experiences and not dismiss their sufferings and feelings of abandonment and even rejection. 

Many of us grew up trained to believe we were rejects. And it wasn't just a belief. It was pressed all the way through to the marrow of our bones that we weren't worthy of love and we could only be loved because of grace and endless forgivenesses.

So a lot of my pastoral work was basically undoing the toxic theology of self-hatred. Even in myself.

zoom in zoom out cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Cartoon description: In the first frame, a man cries out, "God, where are you?" In the next frame, we zoom out to see him crying out in the center of the palm of God's hand.


And do you know what happens?

When we realize we were worthy of love, love shows up!
Weird, huh? (This not only happens in the spiritual realm, but in the romantic realm as well.)

Now, the question is:

Does love really just show up? Or is love there the whole time?

Zoom in. Zoom out.

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