Is The Church No Longer Needed

no longer needed cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Description: A church is in therapy. The therapist asks, "So how does it feel to no longer be needed?"

Actually, this has alway been the case.

Many of us are just catching on to it.

The institution we call the Church would like us to believe we need it so that it can sustain its power and authority over us.

The Church needs us to need it.

Look: I don't need my wife Lisa. And she doesn't need me. We've agreed to trust one another, depend on one another, and support one another. We've allowed our love and appreciation for one another to reach a level of interdependence that is powerful but volitional. Sometimes our relationship feels so strong it feels necessary. But deep down we know it isn't. This is healthy.

You understand this.

Institutions and systems rely on our dependence. It ensures its survival. 

Many people have begun to realize that they don't need the Church. Some have taken this to mean severing from it altogether. For others it means forming a healthier relationship to it.

Both are fine.

We don't need the Church.

It needs us!


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