Is Your God a Narcissist?

10 Signs Your God is a Narcissist

(Disclaimer: I am not a psychologist. But I know enough and have experienced enough about narcissism to be able to have an opinion or two on it. So here goes.)

This is kinda tongue-in-cheek. But also kinda true.

(Get a digital download of this cartoon by clicking on the image, or HERE.)

Is your god a narcissist? Here are ten questions you can ask yourself. Frankly, if you can answer even one in the affirmative, there’s a chance he’s a narcissist. If you can answer more than half in the affirmative, then I’d say yes he is. If you can answer all ten in the affirmative, run!

1. Does he need constant praise and adoration from you?

2. Does he claim to be smarter than you?

3. Does he believe he’s better than everybody else?

4. Does he disappear for days without notice or explanation?

5. When he hurts you, does he say you are weak and imaging things?

6. When he hurts you, does he say you made him do it?

7. When he hurts you, does he say you’ll be a better person for it?

8. Does he always make you pay for everything?

9. Do you feel like he’s always watching and micromanaging you?

10. Does he belittle you, shame you, and make you apologize for every little thing?

Like I said, these are meant to provoke… not only a smile, or even laughter... but also hopefully some thought.

So much spirituality can be very unhealthy, especially if we are suffering narcissistic abuse in it.

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