It's Okay to Question the History You Were Taught!

history of man cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

A girl reads a book in bed titled, "THIS IS YOUR HISTORY TEXT WRITTEN BY MEN FOR MEN IN A MAN'S WORLD". She doesn't look pleased.

It's Okay to Question the History You Were Taught!

A sign of immaturity is gullibly believing everything you're told.

So, a sign of maturity is the ability to question everything you're told, even the authorized version.

Here in Canada we are learning a different kind of history of our nation that has roots in the genocide of Indigenous people.

It should be acknowledged here that we aren't really learning anything new, but that a publicly known secret is being exposed in a most graphically horrific way.

That's true for other histories too.

We all know America's history too has roots in the genocidal erasure of Indigenous people, but also racism and slavery.

It's a well known public secret that is getting more and more exposure.

Imagine if women wrote the authorized history of the Salem witch trials.

Imagine if other than Christians wrote the authorized history of the Church.

Let's pull this down to the personal level:

Do you believe the version of your life others dictate to you? 

Have you assimilated into your opinion of yourself what other people tell you to believe about yourself?

Maybe it's time to write your own history, your own story, your own life.

You are THE authority to be THE author of YOUR own life!


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