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This is based on the original cartoon, Jesus Eats with the Black Sheep

Someone asked if I could draw it with LGBTQ colours, so I did.

You can buy this LGBTQ+ Jesus Affirming Print or as a digital download

jesus eats with the lgbtq sheep cartoon print nakedpastor david hayward

(Click on image to see the beautiful print, or click HERE!)

This cartoon is not meant to depict that Jesus condescends to eat with sinners. It just means Jesus doesn't have issues with eating with marginalized people who experience discrimination and exclusion. Before someone comes at me with "but the Bible says" or "God says", let me say this:

I know what the Bible says, so please don't treat me as ignorant. I studied biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, for years and soaked myself in and preached from them for decades.

  • Respected biblical scholars argue on both sides of what the Bible says about homosexuality, etc., and in my opinion, we can't wait for them to make up our minds for us.
  • The Bible was written thousands of years ago by men in patriarchal societies who could not help but write from their own cultural conditioning, even if they were pushing the margins.
  • do not think it is wise to entrust our knowledge, values, and ethics to men who could not have known what we know and are learning today concerning human gender and sexuality
  • Finally, whenever we come to a conflict between law and love, love, including all love's expressions... justice, equality, inclusion, respect, etcetera..., must win. I think this is the ultimate thrust of the message of Jesus.
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“Today salvation has come to this house,” but why? Who are the ones to whom He will say, “I never knew you?” These are things we all need to examine closely for ourselves, because He said MUCH about it AND is the very image of the the invisible God who made the law which would definitely hold us each in condemnation. Unreadiness is doom. Unholiness is doom. Unfruitfulness is doom. Unforgiveness is doom. The way is narrow. It’s no wonder that Paul said to work out one’s salvation with fear and trembling.

Corey Finney

Shouldn’t Jesus and the sheep be a little more excited to be eating together? Requesting an edit.

Pastor Erin

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