Just Another Beautiful Day

Today Shane spoke on the principalities and the powers. Excellent. I lead worship and it went well. My mom and dad are here, as well as my oldest son Joshua, from Ottawa. This afternoon we went out to eat at a restaurant for Father's Day. Nice buffet. Came home and had a nap. Woke up and noticed, in front of our house, a bunch of cars parked. In front of our house is the beautiful Kennebacasis River. Wind-surfers take off from here. Sailboats and motorboats were going by, and I enjoyed sitting on my front porch drinking a beer watching all the action. The sailboat pictured here was tipped over so far I thought she was going to go. That wind-surfer had a close-up view. Just when I thought they were going to tank, they let the front sail go. I could hear them yelling. But they saved the boat. It took them a while to retrieve the sail. Then tonight we we went to see Oceans 13. Overall a nice day.

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