Listen in on Sarah breaking up with her church

"Sarah Breaks Up With Her Church" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward Buy a high-quality reproduction print of this cartoon HERE. I know many people who have been through this situation. I know many people who are facing this. I know many other people who should. It's not always this poignant. Sometimes these breakups are ugly. Even nasty. In this case Sarah realizes that the only way she is going to grow and be fully herself is if she leaves the church. She's beginning her arduous but necessary journey of deconstruction. I drew 59 images and wrote 59 meditations of just such a woman, named Sophia, who is a parable of my soul's journey away from the church and represents people like Sarah and possibly even you! I'm very proud of it. Order your copy today! I moderate a very vibrant online community of people just like Sarah called The Lasting Supper. Come join us!
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