Being LGBTQ+ is More than Skin Deep

sheep conversion therapy cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


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This is my popular print that you can get called “Sheep Conversion Therapy. A white sheep shaves an LGBTQ+ rainbow sheep to get rid of the rainbow colors only to discover that the sheep’s skin is rainbow colors as well.

Being LGBTQ+ is not skin deep.

It’s an identity.

This is why conversion therapy is becoming more illegal in Canada (where i live) and many other countries around the world.

And this is also why the Church should consider it illegal, immoral, and harmful as well.

People are literally suffering and dying because of the stupid idea that being LGBTQ+ is about perversion and lust rather than identity.

Whenever I try to explain to people who believe this I realize it's a losing game. They refuse to understand that being LGBTQ+ is about identity and that we have the right to choose and decide.

So they’ll keep fighting for conversion therapy because they really do believe it's all in your head, you want to be perverted, and you want to lust without judgement. 

It’s not just infuriating. It’s harmful.

We can love the bigot, hate the bigotry.
I've seen people convert from hate to love.

Now THAT'S a conversion therapy I support!



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