People Are Not Always Safe to Be With

"I Feel Safer Here Cartoon" by nakedpastor David Hayward


People you trust can and may hurt you.

People we trust can turn on us, betray us, and even try to destroy us.

It will always come as a surprise.

Sometimes it's because we made a terrible mistake and out of anger they retaliate.

But sometimes it's because we've only changed and out of confusion, fear, and disgust, they reject us.

Sometimes they really want us to suffer for disappointing them.

Sometimes some people would like to tear you apart.

I know.

It's wise to have a safe place to go either with good people or in the quiet of your home or" by logging off the internet. Or" by literally going into the wilderness.

Here are some questions:

Do you know how to take care of yourself?
Do you know how to protect yourself?
Do you know how to ensure your own safety?
Do you not give other people permission to hurt you?
Do you take breaks from people to revitalize yourself?
Do you eliminate, when possible, the harmful people from your life?
Do you have a safe place where you can hide?

The verse about turning the other cheek has been so exploited that good people are submitting to abuse while abusers are inflicting it just to fulfill it like some sick prophecy.

Stop! Get away!

It's okay to slip away from the murderous crowd to defend, protect, and even pamper yourself.

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