Privilege or Sacrifice: What Does the Cross Truly Signify?

When you already have everything in this world as a privileged person, all that's left for Jesus to give you is good feelings, more success, and a prominent seat at the banqueting table in Heaven. The cross has simply become a tool for personal gratification and nothing more. 

But what about those who do suffer? What about the disenfranchised, the disinherited, and the dismissed? 

privileged or disenfranchised cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Cartoon Description : Jesus hangs on the cross. He's thinking, "Some are just going to use this as a means to secure their privilege, while the disenfranchised will see this as a defiant undermining of that privilege."

For them, the cross is a symbol of what it costs to challenge the privileged, the payment for standing up against those in authority, for resisting those in power and their self-centering agenda, and demanding that all people, all people, enjoy equal rights and privileges. 

For the privileged, Jesus suffered so that we don't have to.
For the disenfranchised, Jesus also suffered to show us how.

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