Question God's Existence

"Question God's Existence" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

"Question God’s Existence"

I help people transition through deconstruction.

For many, the scariest part of this ride is when the question of God’s existence arises.

I comfort and encourage them not to be afraid.

Look: if God exists, then this is obviously a necessary and healthy component of the transformation into a deeper wisdom concerning God. If God doesn’t exist, then you are freeing yourself, though painfully, from an illusion that brought temporary but artificial comfort.

But, I also suggest to them a third way, a middle way, between these two extremes. I promise them that if they persevere, they will learn to live within the inevitable human tension of unknowing… a place where they can rest within the question without fear and with perfect peace.

Go ahead. I dare you. Ask the question.


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