Shame-Free Free Shame

"Shame-Free Free Shame" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Cartoon Description: Jesus is walking with a sign that says, "Shame-Free". He passes a man who is carrying, along with a bible, a sign that says, "Free Shame".

I despise shame.

Some people think shaming is a legitimate method to control others.

They think it's okay to shame people into doing what they think they should do or to stop doing what they think they shouldn't be doing.

Always remember this: if you are being shamed to do or not do something, the intention is that you will comply to please them.

Shaming intends to embarrass you back into submission.

But, shame sucks as a motivator because its primary drive is the need to be accepted...

... rather than saying, "Here's how I can grow and become an even better person", then doing it.

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