Sometimes I Believe Sometimes I Don't

"Sometimes I Believe" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

Description: A man and woman sit at a table. Man says, “I believe but sometimes I don’t. Woman responds, “That’s weird because I don’t believe but sometimes I do!”

I love the vast diversity of people like you in my life.

But our differences are ripples on the surface of the deeper current of reality: our fundamental connection.

I work for unity in diversity, not only between ourselves (we acknowledge our differences while still loving one another), but within ourselves (you acknowledge the differences within yourself while still loving yourself).

Someone messaged me:

“I was raised without any religious upbringing but have been seeking religion and spirituality the past few years because I felt like something was missing. I know I’ll never be able to subscribe fully to an institution of religion, but I really long to feel connected to God. Do you have any advice?”


“I’ve come to the point of realizing that I’m no longer a Christian, in the conservative meaning I guess. But I’m really struggling to figure out how to tell family and friends who are hard core conservative Christians. Do you have any advice?”

They may appear as opposites going in different directions. But they are actually in the same place because there is no path.


"I just want to overcome fear and doubt and be happy."

Isn’t this what we all want, peace, confidence, and joy?

Start here:

Just be okay with where you are! There’s no race nor contest nor judge to punish you. This is your life, your own ripple on the surface of a deeper, calmer reality of all is well, we are one, and your uniqueness is a valid expression of it.

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