Sometimes it's Hard to Just Keep Going

I had an interesting morning yesterday morning. I'm an early riser, but that morning was difficult. I have a lot of work to do. I have a plan: I'm going to put myself more out there. And that scares me a little. Why? Because I know it will draw more fire, more criticism, and more attempts to shame me. Have you read the amazing book So You've Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson? That book personally resonated with me because I have been attacked for doing what I do. Doing what I love to do. Publicly shamed. It's ugly. It hurts. And sometimes it's hard to just keep going. I'm not alone. Just being online and expressing your opinion will invite attacks. So what did I do, lying there in bed at 6:30am trying to get up? I thought about other people who just kept, or just keep going in spite of opposition. I thought about other people who live under constant critique and criticism. I got inspired by other people who just keep going in spite of all the odds. Because... it's about the work! I enjoy and am passionate about what I do. Through my cartoons and art, and through my writing, I critique what's wrong with religion. I analyzewhat's troublesome about the church. I also provide a safe place for people to deconstruct their beliefs and their relationship to the church, and to evolve spiritually and independently. I believe in it. It's good work. And I will keep going in spite of the opposition and bullying I receive. Because... it's about the work! So, I got out of bed and got to work.
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