Sophia "Cave" Drawing & Meditation

I had to make a conscious decision to go deeper. Deep into a dark place. My inner being. My unconscious. Fear gripped my heart and wouldn't let it go. Caves hide creepy things that crawl, criminals, ghosts, skeletons, beasts and devils. There is no natural light. Whoever goes into a cave comes out different, changed, crazy, or wise. But you'll never know unless you go in. You eventually have to go into your cave. My unconscious self was fathomless. It still is. Like yours! In fact, it is even more fathomless. The more you discover about yourself the more you discover there is to be discovered. Like an iceberg, your conscious self is like ten percent and your unconscious is ninety. And this never changes. This is what makes great souls. I want to be a great soul. I stood before the entrance of the cave for a long time. I bargained with myself. I argued with myself. I tried to talk myself out of it. Then I dared myself. I never turn down a dare. I finally concluded it was safer to go in than stay out. A wise man once said you must walk your path or be dragged. So I dragged myself into the cave. I went in. I emerged different. I emerged changed. Some thought I emerged crazy. But I emerged wise. My cave was where I was born again.

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This has moved me deeply. Much gratitude to you. I will find your book.


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