Strong and Charismatic Leader

"Strong and Charismatic Leader" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward

I'm sad to admit that in my early pastoral career I used strength and charisma to control my congregations.

I think it was Henri Nouwen who gently showed me the error of my ways.

But I have to tell you that most people in my congregations really loved shows of strength and expressions of charisma. 

They actually told me they liked being brow-beaten, cajoled, bullied, and coerced into believing and living how they should.

It's true!

I also submitted myself to strong and charismatic leaders who constantly tried to control me.

(Although they said they were challenging me and God was disciplining me.)

You watch some modern-day teachers, pastors, leaders, and gurus berate their audience, and they lap it up.

Because it's always easier and quicker to be told what to do and forced to do it rather than to figure it out for ourselves.

This is why now I'm an advocate for spiritual independence. 

(If you want this cartoon, let me know!)

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