Take your time to process your pain from church hurt.

For some people, when they leave the church, it's no big deal. But for others it is. I can speak to this from my own experience. I invested everything into the church. It was my family. I was deeply connected, deeply involved, deeply committed, and deeply in love. Then the day came when I realized I could no longer be true to myself and stay. The pressure to leave was undeniable. Even though I initiated the step to leave, it felt like a rejection. No one said go. But the signals were all there that I was no longer welcomed, especially if I were to continue down the path I was walking. Even though I did this six years ago, in 2010, once in a while the pain still surfaces. My theory is that we process pain at the level we can cope with. Then it goes on hold for a while until we are capable of dealing with the pain at deeper levels. Like layers of an onion... with tears included. The other day I had a dream that made it very clear to me that I have yet another layer of pain to process. It's hard and sad work, but I know it's necessary if I want to reach higher levels of happiness. If you know exactly what I'm talking about, come join others just like us at The Lasting Supper. I'll personally make you feel welcomed.
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