Taking Up the Offering During Quarantine

"Taking Up the Offering" cartoon by nakedpastor David Hayward


The pastor is at the door with an offering plate and a debit machine. The boy yells to his mom, "Mom, the pastor's here taking up the offering."

This cartoon could say two things... one negative and one positive:

1. The church, unfortunately infamous for its greed, will continue to find ways to fleece its flock. We're seeing a lot of that these days where so-called pastors are challenging their members to continue giving and tithing even if they've lost their income. Do not give in to greed!

2. If you care about your church and your pastor, etc., then please remember to continue to support them if you can. Church facilities and pastors still need money to survive. So... if you care, keep giving.


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I would love to interview you for a blog I have been lead to start. It’s called Jesus speaks now. Your work validates so much of what I hear Jesus speaking directly to me. That he is here for each of us personally. And that we are meant to integrate with and love on another. Would you be open to share your story in a video interview, and share how you began your journey of deconstruction.

It would be a great honor.

Many thanks for your consideration.


My cell is 407 325 3330

Ps my favorite piece, although very hard to choose, was the post it I dare you. That actually allowed me to start the YouTube channel and begin the blog this last week.
Your stuff is just so kind, pointed, and funny all at the same time. Thanks for stepping out into a brighter truth.

Adrienne Engel

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