That's the Spirit! Why I'm an LGBTQ Ally

Here's my explanation for being an LGBTQ ally:

BIBLE: People say I should read the Bible and then they quote verses. But I studied the Bible since childhood, went to Bible College and got my Bachelors in Bible, went to seminary and got my Masters in Bible, then my Diploma in Ministry. I took years of original languages (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic), preached from the Bible, and read commentaries and theologians for over 30 years.

THEOLOGY: What caused my theological anguish was who was in and who was out? How could a gracious God condemn people just for being what they were: Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists, and LGBTQ folk? I thought my choice was accept everyone and reject the Bible or accept the Bible and reject almost everyone. The Bible didn't help. Theologians didn't help. Opinions didn't help. There are qualified verses, versions, and voices from all factions. So I pored over the scriptures until I was ready to give up in total frustration.

PEACE: Then, in 2009, I finally saw. One day I was confused and the next I was at peace! I saw that we are essentially one. There's one Reality and we each apprehend it through our own mindsets and articulate it through our own languages. One Reality, many thoughts and words! Our different words express our different thoughts of this one Reality. All scriptures and theologies are human thoughts and words trying to apprehend and articulate this one Reality.

Believe our thoughts that endorse our intellectual divisions and cling to our words that enforce our thoughts and they will manifest in our world and relationships as divisive. Once we pierce this conditioning, we are free to love beyond opinions and arguments.

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Will it be possible for you to discuss on this topic some day, in detail? Not to argue or debate, I actually want to understand your point of view, but from this article only this I got was ‘you missed the point of the gospel of Jesus’, and I’m a kind of person who doesn’t care what your beliefs are as long as you agree with the Gospel. I actually wanted to share your posts on Instagram but I can’t until I’m sure your view with the ’th3 gospel

desmond peris

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