The Best Healing

The Best Healing

the best healing cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


Description: Jesus says to some people, “The best healing is when you realize you’re not broken and don’t need fixing.”

Imagine going to the doctor afraid you have a fatal illness and the doctor says after examining you, “You’re fine. It’s just a cold. You’ll feel great tomorrow.”

Did you grow up being taught and believing you were broken? 

I’m here to say you’re not.

I read Sinéad O’Connor’s (@oconnor.sinead) wonderful new autobiography, “Rememberings”. She talks about her therapist. “What I liked about Dr. Schatzman was he said you come to therapy to find out there’s nothing wrong with you.”

Gabor Maté (@gabormatemd) also comes to mind: “Healing is actually recognizing our wholeness. And, by the way, when we do... (we) realize that nothing was ever broken…”.

People thank me for my cartoons and my writings.


Because you learn from them that you’re not broken. That you don’t need fixing.

If anything is broken in me it’s only the pathways between my different parts.

For example... 

I was taught to reject my shadow side. That severed me from my power.

I was taught to kill my curiosity. That severed me from my intelligence.

I was taught to destroy my doubts. That severed me from my wisdom.

I was taught to persecute my pleasure. That severed me from my joy.

I was taught to crucify my Self. That severed me from my wholeness.

Some of you were taught to kill your gayness or your gender or your sense of self, etcetera, too. 

But now you know all it takes is: You’re fine. You’re not broken. You don’t need fixing. 

And suddenly you’re whole only because you recognize that you already are and always have been.

That’s the best healing.

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