The Church's Abuse of its Most Vulnerable

The church has a serious problem. I hope my naysayers who constantly harp, "You're too negative. Abuse in the church is very rare and you're highlighting isolated incidents!", will shut their mouths now. It's sad that the church, who says it embraces the weak, who preaches that not only should we suffer the little children but that we should become as little children ourselves, and who promises protection of the vulnerable, preys on these very people. From my perspective, church leadership seems to be crawling with abusers. And the church is full of their victims. Let's not just point fingers at the Roman Catholic Church. It's rampant everywhere across the ecclesiastical spectrum. No one's immune. The church has a serious problem. If you've left the church... because of theological reasons or because you didn't like the way you were treated... come join others like you at The Lasting Supper! I'll personally welcome you.
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