The Deconstruction Train

the deconstruction train cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward


A man watches a woman getting on a subway train to "Deconstruction". She looks concerned when he says, "Good luck!"


The man would like to say to the woman getting on the Deconstruction Train:

"Are you sure you want to do that? Because, you know, once you get on that train there’s no getting off until you reach your destination. Which doesn’t exist. Because the journey IS the destination!”

This is one of the greatest hurdles for many of us who have deconstructed or are deconstructing or will deconstruct.

There’s no destination!

“Truth is a pathless land” (Krishnamurti).

I talk about finding and walking our own path all the time. But I do not mean that this path must lead you to another dogmatic position. Another doctrinal fortress. Another theological bunker. Another fundamentalist standpoint.

It’s difficult for many people to get used to the idea and the lifestyle of  what some naysayers call “not believing in anything”.

It’s like this: once you were swaddled tightly in the womb. Then you were birthed into the wide open world. 

This is what deconstruction is like. 

Yes, it’s tempting to wrap ourselves tight in another theology or spirituality or religion or philosophy. 

But I claim it’s healthier, grander, and more joyful to live free in a land that contains all these things, the vast universe in which all these coexist, without necessarily landing on one particular spot.

Please, this does not mean we don’t think anything. It means we’re adapting to thinking in new ways. 

Rather than learning how to be right,
we are learning how to be wise.

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