the deeper connection between believers and atheists

For decades I struggled to understand. I was in intellectual, theological anguish for so long. Then, in 2009, I had a dream of a waterfall and I woke up in complete peace. My mind was at rest. Finally! That peace of mind has not gone away. It abides. One of the things I came to see was that we are all connected at a deep and fundamental level. Only thoughts and language seems to separate us. But these are fleeting illusions. They are just thoughts. They are just words. And the idea is not the thing. The word is not the thing. We are all experiencing the same thing, we are all in the same reality, but understanding it through our own paradigms, ideologies, world views, beliefs... and articulating it with our own languages and words. I learned not to get caught up in appearances and not to believe my thoughts. There is a deep unity. No separation. Want to hear something cool? The membership of The Lasting Supper is very diverse. We have hardcore church-going believers all the way to hardcore atheists. The cool thing is that they respect and even love one another. Because, like me, they understand that beneath the currents and waves and ripples is a deeper and abiding union and peace. Won't you please join us? I'm sure you'll love it." CLICK HERE to check us out!
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