Unlocking the Divine Power of Blocking

I have the gift of blocking and you should too.

Many of us raised in Christianity and the Church were taught to always turn the other cheek and walk the extra mile. Which interpreted means we should tolerate and endure abuse.


Cartoon Description: Jesus is laying his hands on the head of a person and saying, "By all the authority invested in me in Heaven and Earth, I hereby bestow upon thee the divine gift of blocking."



The problem is, abusers read those verses too, then use them to justify, excuse, and protect their abuse. I used to put up with abusers online. Now I block people frequently.

I’ve learned some important lessons:

  • People shouldn’t abuse.
  • I don’t deserve to be abused.
  • I don’t want toxic people in my life.
  • So I eliminate opportunities for this to occur.

Abusers get angry when they get shut down. They claim that we are against their freedom of speech. They're free to speak hate. They've got the whole world to speak their hate into. But not here.

That’s the problem with abusers: they actually think they have the right to hurt people for what they think is a good reason. They actually believe their victims deserve it. They actually even believe that hurting someone in a fit of rage is an act of love if they believe enough in the results they hope to achieve by their abuse… which is always for us to bow to their will.

As you may know and can imagine, I attract a lot of hate and abuse. As my friends lists grow, so does the frequency of attacks.

So I came up with a policy to protect myself and my friends: Ignore stupid. Block hate.

It works!

It really makes some people angry.
But they’re always the abusers.
They can be angry. Somewhere else.

Let’s end with a scripture lesson.

Jesus is portrayed as a man who didn’t put up with bullshit.
He never argued or debated.
He responded to stupid or entrapping questions with smart or unanswerable ones.
He walked away from haters and abusers.
He confronted abusers and intervened to rescue their victims.
He didn’t do toxic.

So let’s do the same.

Ignore stupid. Block hate.

I bestow upon thee the divine gift of blocking!

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Well, I just finished Sophia with you. (sniff) I procrastinated because I did not want it to end. I’ve told my friend who has money about it (a few times) and hopefully, she will purchase it because of my rave reviews. This ending is poignantly serendipitous. I am working on Complex PTSD from childhood sexual trauma and making great progress…my own metamorphosis. Thank you for making this series available!!!!! I adore your artwork (I own one) and your writing and commentary. The black and grey shirts are working for you :) There is a therapy called Accelerated Resolution Therapy which my therapist just trained in. We will work with the core issue from when I was four years old. Honestly, I’m nervous because it is a place I have avoided going for many decades. But I found you can literally block family members from your life, not just on social media. It’s been seven weeks since I’ve spoken to my “Trump supporter” sister and it has been sweet bliss. I got sick and tired of being shamed and reprimanded for just being me. I’m sad that the Sophia series has ended but was it ever awesome! Thank you again, Beverly

Beverly Straight

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