The Emotional Journey of Leaving the Church

It's okay to say, "I'm done with church!"?

You might change your mind one day but if that's how you're feeling now, then it's okay to own it now.

Know your feelings.
Own your feelings.
Say your feelings.
Walk your path.
With intention.

Like the woman in this drawing.

done with church cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Sometimes I draw a cartoon like this... with more detail, shading, story. There's lots of symbolism in this cartoon about leaving the church for me.  The last time I left the church, in 2010, I felt like this.

There was long road ahead. I didn't seem to take much with me. I was in its shadow for a while. Sophia, the female aspect of my inner self, came forward. Freedom ahead! I developed a healthier, less codependent, relationship with the church. What more can you see in it? 

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