The Journey of Changing Beliefs

I talk about deconstruction: the changing of beliefs, the feeling of the loss of faith, leaving the church, and spiritual confusion.

This is growth.
And it hurts.

Many challenge my idea of deconstruction, insisting that we must believe something. They say deconstruction means the rejection of wrong beliefs to make space for correct beliefs.


The healthiest deconstruction is not just the questioning of beliefs, but of belief itself.

building on sand cartoon by nakedpastor david hayward

Cartoon description: A man is building a house upon sand. Jesus asks him, “Why are you rebuilding your house upon sand again?” The man responds, “This is new and improved sand!”


In 2009 this dawned on me. My lifelong struggle with beliefs, trying to figure things out and believe correct theological thoughts, suddenly came to an abrupt end, followed by a peace of mind that has never left, but stayed.

I saw that it wasn’t my beliefs that were the problem, but belief itself!

Beliefs are thoughts we are attached to. When we see this, our suffering ends.

I know this is difficult and scary, because I’ve been there.

Deconstruction is about tearing down not just beliefs but our conditioning… the way we’ve been taught and trained to believe. When we complete this excruciating process, we are left with space. Openness. Freedom. We are left with What Is. Reality. Truth. Being.

What we must not do is adopt or construct another system of belief.

I see many do this, assuming they’ve found or are building a new and improved theology.

But I guarantee you that eventually this too will need deconstructing.

Why not be happy with the space, the openness, the unknowing, the Mystery?

This is where your peace of mind awaits.
Don’t rebuild on sand.
You are free!


It took me years to deconstruct. Like…YEARS. You deserve to deconstruct safely and with as much support as possible so I've decided to share my deconstruction course for free on Youtube. You can watch all the videos now starting with this one. 

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