Why We Need Companionship During Difficult Times

Even though we must walk our own path, there are indeed times when we need help.

At points in our lives we require someone who will challenge us or give us guidance. When I left the church two years ago, I had no idea the impact it would have on me. I thought I was doing fine, when in fact I had descended into some kind of numbing spiritual death. At the time I felt fine, but the problem with death is that you get used to it and it becomes the norm. My wife Lisa constantly challenged me to get help. But I was so used to her voice that I never really heard her. Finally, after considerable effort, I finally did heed her advice and contacted a counselor. But I really didn't believe I was that bad. So, with my considerable deflection skills, I derailed the conversations in my counseling sessions from myself to my website. Then, about 3 months ago, it became painfully obvious that I was in desperate need of help. It became obvious because I was ready to walk away from everything, including Lisa and my children my entire family all my friends everything! just walk away into a numbing oblivion to live and die probably very much alone.

The thing is, I was already "separated" from all these people emotionally but just didn't know it. The physical separation would have been the natural development of my unhealthiness. It was then when I came clean to my counselor. Then the real work began. It has been invaluable and necessary and so, so healing. I am forever thankful for my counselor. I want to encourage you to find someone to talk to if you are going through such a transition.

You might just need someone like I did and still do someone who will call you on your BS and affirm you and give you wisdom to make the next step. Wise counsel is precious. Companionship is priceless. I know! It has saved my life more than once. But especially this time.

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