The Pressure on Parents to Raise the Perfect Child

Are you a parent who feels a lot of pressure to raise the perfect child?

This is my Annual Child Show cartoon. Click on the image to get a digital download that you can print!

annual child show cartoon nakedpastor david hayward

The pressure on parents to raise perfect kids is enormous.

This is also true in the church.

I know because Lisa and I raised three of them, and they grew up in the church.

The judgmental eyes on our children, and therefore on us, were all-seeing.

We were constantly on guard and frequently tempted to be embarrassed because of our kids.

But we chose to let them grow up, experiment, make mistakes, and find their own way... because we wanted them to grow up strong, free, and independent.

They did.

But oh my I could tell stories from the journey that got us here.

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