The Risk of Walking Your Own Path

Walk Your Own Path

You might never come right out and verbally state that you're taking your own path.

But when it becomes evident you are, you may lose friends and confound family.

People will freak out.

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Of course, sheep never do this.

Because when sheep choose their own path they're immediately branded as "lost".

And so will you be branded. You will be branded as lost when you walk from the flock.

But don't believe them!

I firmly believe in the benefit of spiritual mentors, directors, masters, guides, coaches, or whatever you want to call them. They have saved my life.

However, all spiritually growing people eventually must break away from the flock.

Some do so permanently. They're called hermits.

Some walk their own path while still engaging with others volitionally. They're called masters of their own destiny.

At some point your mentor must be able to say to you, "I can take you no further!"

You can take the steering-.wheel of your own life.

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